Spanish Wine Scholar®

Spanish Wine Scholar® Program

The Spanish Wine Scholar® program is the most advanced and comprehensive certification course on the wines of Spain.

The syllabus takes a regional approach and discusses all Spanish wine appellations and the factors that shape their identities. It provides committed students of wine with an unparalleled set of study tools designed to maximize learning and boost knowledge retention.

The program was created by Spanish wine specialist Rick Fisher, DipWSET, SWS, Spanish Programs Director at Wine Scholar Guild.

Foods and Wines from Spain (ICEX - Spain's Trade & Investment Government Agency) has endorsed the program in recognition of its exceptional depth, accuracy, detail, and academic rigor.

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The Spanish Wine Scholar study and certification program confers a post-nominal to wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exam (Ex: John Smith, SWS). With a school network encompassing over 30 countries on five continents, the SWS credential has true international recognition.



Earn the Spanish Wine Scholar® (SWS) post-nominal online via the online format with 13 recorded webinars and Monthly Meet-ups with your instructor. 

The Spanish Wine scholar® online format includes:


        • A suggested schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
        • 13 on-demand webinars with Rick Fisher, Spanish Programs Director
        • Live monthly program kick-off and Q&A sessions with your instructor
        • The SWS Study Roadmap: A Checklist For Success, provides a suggested schedule of study
        • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
        • Downloadable maps of all Spanish wine regions designed by Quentin Sadler
        • One-year access to our interactive and e-learning platform, including online learning modules, pronunciation exercises, quizzes, and flashcards
        • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own, or in a tasting group hosted by students enrolled in the program
        • An online exam sit (100 multiple-choice questions)


Program Kick-Off: October 19

Price: $875



WSG offers the Spanish Wine Scholar® program through our Approved Program Providers located in over 30 countries on five continents.

            • Classroom instruction with extensive tutored tastings
            • A copy of the SWS study manual
            • Access to the SWS online study modules & quizzes for class prep & review
            • In-classroom exam sit

All SWS program providers teach from the same Wine Scholar Guild-developed presentations and are supplied with uniform teaching materials. For many, the classroom experience helps to reinforce the theory; a tutored tasting component brings each region to life. In addition, many students find the set schedule helpful in keeping up with their studies.







The Spanish Wine Scholar® manual is the most comprehensive and current coverage of the wines of Spain and follows a regional approach with strong tie-ins to terroir.

Each chapter is designed for maximum content retention and utilizes a systematic approach, allowing the student to compare and contrast each wine region of Spain.

Manuals are current and discuss the most recent trends. They are printed in full color, are rich in imagery, and peppered with the iconic wine labels of each region.

Every Spanish wine appellation is discussed (vs. just mentioned) and triaged by "need-to-know" icons. Emphasis is given to the flavor and structure profiles of the wines.

A Fundamentals Chapter provides an overview that puts all of Spain and its wines into perspective.

#2 SWS Online Study Program:

The SWS online study program offers interactive e-learning modules that are put into a measurable, meaningful format designed for maximum content retention and ease of use.

Each region of Spain is covered and dovetails nicely with the Spanish Wine Scholar® study manual. Study materials are available online 24/7. If you've got a laptop and an internet connection, you've got a classroom!

Spanish Wine Scholar® online study modules features: 

  • E-learning modules loaded with videos and learning games to keep you engaged
  • Automatic bookmarks to resume where you left off
  • Quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Hundreds of online flashcards
  • Pronunciation exercises

#3 Detailed Spanish Wine Maps:

Your study manual is packed with beautiful wine maps, which have been designed for this program by Quentin Sadler. Electronic versions of these maps and blank practice maps are also available for download on the online course page.

#4 Professional Instructor Support:

  • Online Format: via the Q&A forum plus email and live chat with instructors
  • In Classroom: via a local, certified instructor


The Spanish Wine Scholar® course is composed of 10 chapters:

            • Chapter One - Fundamentals
            • Chapter Two - Green Spain
            • Chapter Three - The Duero River Valley
            • Chapter Four - La Rioja/DOCa Rioja
            • Chapter Five - The Ebro River Valley
            • Chapter Six - Cataluña
            • Chapter Seven - The Central Mediterranean Coast
            • Chapter Eight - The Meseta
            • Chapter Nine - Andalucía
            • Chapter Ten - The Islands

The detailed curriculum is available here



Individuals who follow this in-depth Spanish wine course and pass the exam earn the Spanish Wine Scholar® title and SWS post-nominal, which may be incorporated into a professional signature (e.g., John Smith, SWS).

The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates need a score of 75% to receive the credential.

Students with a composite score of 85-90 pass with HONORS. Candidates who score 91-100 pass with HIGHEST HONORS.

More information about the exam

Student Testimonials:

  • beata
    on Aug 10, 2023
    "The course is very detailed and prepared in an extremely thorough way. It covers both the history and geography of Spain. I recommend it especially for people who love Spanish wines and would like to explore their secrets. The course is both for people working professionally with wine as well as for people like me enthusiasts "
  • Ryan Robinson
    on Aug 9, 2023
    "The was an amazing program. I cannot say enough positive things about the instructor Rick and the program material. I found value in the weekly live training sessions as Rick was able to address questions in real time. He was also great with feedback and provided a very positive experience."
  • David Harker
    on Jul 27, 2023
    "Fascinating and enjoyable in-depth study of Spanish wines"
  • David Felipe Novoa Dueñas
    on Jul 27, 2023
    "I did the SWS and the content of the manual is very understandable I am a wine enthusiast and I learned a lot. Now I can have a global understanding of Spanish wines and enjoy them to the fullest. I cant wait to do my next certification course."
  • Elizabeth A Dames
    on Jul 25, 2023
    "The Spanish Wine Scholar program was fantastic! The materials are great with deep dives into history, regions, soils, and benchmark producers. I particularly loved the chapters that cover the “lesser known” regions like Madrid, Valencia, and the Islands. They were filled with great information that is hard to find anywhere else. Also, Wine Scholar Guild maps are always so on point. I would buy the books for the maps alone. Anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge in Spain should absolutely take this program."
  • Zack Lee
    on Jul 25, 2023
    "The class was taught really well. I particularly liked seeing the video slides, it has really helped me understand so much more about the region in the landscape. I will look forward to taking more in the future!"
  • Shu Tong Tan
    on Jul 20, 2023
    "Detailed programme with logical and clear presentation that allowed confusing information to be absorbed comfortably. Thoroughly enjoyed the various chapters, especially the focus on geographical features, and the comprehensive information in the textbook for study and beyond."
  • Jody Pollara
    on Jun 16, 2023
    "I thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish Wine Scholar program. I completed the course via distance learning. The textbook is thorough and easy to understand. It also functions as a great reference book in regards to Spanish wines. The online resources helped guide my study. I would highly recommend this program. "
    on Jun 8, 2023
    "A fascinating insight into the world of Spanish wines. The course steers you through a very comprehensive study book, tackling each region in a structured way, and there is a wealth of online material to focus your studies and help prepare you for the final examination. All backed up by tastings of delicious Spanish wines in a classroom environment. It was both educational and a lot of fun."
  • David Green
    on May 24, 2023
    "Thank you!"
  • Robert Ringenberg
    on May 17, 2023
    "The SWS manual is very well put together. The combination of history and culture along with the wine and vineyard material helps paint a well balanced picture of each area."
  • Robert Ringenberg
    on May 17, 2023
    "The SWS manual is very well put together. The combination of history and culture along with the wine and vineyard material helps paint a well balanced picture of each area."
  • Laura Griffiths
    on May 8, 2023
    "The WSG is a fantastic program and the materials and wine samples are incredible! Great structure and planning to each session. Thank you for a fabulous experience!"
  • Tomoko Inaba
    on Apr 25, 2023
    "This program is very helpful not only to learn Spanish wines but also the culture and the history that lays behind. "
  • Lee Hanvey
    on Apr 24, 2023
    "An excellent deep dive into the complexities of Spanish wine & the regional variations that make this country such a fascinating destination for wine professionals & enthusiasts."


Disclaimer: WSG offers wine study courses that are targeted to both beginners and those more experienced in the wine industry. While WSG has received many accolades, awards, and testimonials, WSG is not an accredited institution or school. WSG does not guarantee or warrant that any employer or school will recognize WSG wine study courses. While WSG knows that it is a well-recognized institution within the multi-national wine community, it cannot guarantee anyone success in their profession or vocation.

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