Spanish Wine Scholar® | Online Format

Earn the Spanish Wine Scholar® (SWS) post-nominal through online study fully supported by a comprehensive study manual, interactive e-learning modules for each region, and 13 on-demand webinars let by your instructor.

This format provides the convenience and flexibility of an online study program with structured and ongoing support you need to get you over the finish line. Join the 13 on-demand webinars from any location with an internet connection, at any time that suits your busy schedule. For additional support, you can also connect with your instructor and fellow classmates during the optional live Program Kick-Off and Q&A sessions. These are opportunities to get on track to success, learn tips and tricks for studying and to meet other students!

WSG provides the most up-to-date wine study programs on the market, stellar instruction from world renowned instructors, a flexible schedule of study designed for busy professionals, and all the necessary tools to master Spanish wine.

Online Format

Program Kick-Off:

October 19

Price: $875


The Spanish Wine Scholar® | Online Format


      • The Spanish Wine Scholar® online exam
      • Roadmap for successful course completion
      • Suggested schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
      • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
      • Downloadable maps of all Spanish wine regions
      • Pronunciation exercises to boosts your credibility
      • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group
      • Access to WSG Spanish Wine Scholar Alumni Community upon passing the course
      • Classroom camaraderie during live Program Kick-Off and Q&A sessions with your instructors

Online Format

Program Kick-Off:

October 19

Price: $875


Meet Your Instructor: 


Rick Fisher, SWS, DipWSET, Spanish Programs Director

Rick Fisher, DipWSET, is the Spanish Programs Director for WSG. His passion for Spain and his Spanish heritage continues to guide his desire to educate students about Spanish wine. Rick has been with WSG since 2018 and wrote, researched, and developed WSG’s Spanish Wine Scholar program which launched in 2019.

In addition to holding the WSET Diploma in Wine (with Merit), Rick is a Certified Rioja Educator, Certified Sherry Educator, Certified Cava Educator, and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He has also traveled extensively throughout Spain and works with numerous Spanish wine regions to develop and deliver educational programming for trade and consumers.

In addition to his work with the Wine Scholar Guild, Rick is an international wine judge, educator, and writer. He has contributed articles to numerous publications including Wine Spectator, The SOMM Journal, and Glass of Bubbly. Rick lives in Southern California.


How Does it Work?

  • Upon registration, you will receive instant access to all of the course materials, including the e-book.
  • The 315-page Spanish Wine Scholar study manual will arrive in the mail shortly after registration.
  • Join the live monthly Program Kick-Off and Q&A sessions with your instructors. These are opportunities to get on track to success, learn tips and tricks for studying and to meet other students!
  • Follow the structured roadmap to embark on your journey to cover all of the material in bite-sized digestible sections.
  • You are provided access to on-line study modules and review quizzes corresponding to the course content found in the manual. These are available to you 24/7!
  • Watch the accompanying 13 on-demand webinars on your computer or tablet on your own schedule.
  • Have a question after watching a webinar? Contact your instructor via and Instructor Q&A forum.
  • Track your progress through the course curriculum via our online tracking system.
  • You have one year from your registration date to take your final exam. When you are ready, you can contact us to schedule your online exam. The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions. There is no tasting component. All you need is a laptop equipped with microphone and webcam and an internet connection.
  • We have structured the curriculum to keep you focused and disciplined in your study. But you have a full year to sit the exam, just in case life gets in the way.

What's Included Instructors Details Study Materials


About This Format:

1It is manageable.

The program is designed to keep you on track, but it is also flexible enough to enable you to catch up should your schedule get interrupted, or even to suspend it should you get derailed. It is designed to accommodate the needs of a busy professional.

2You have real human support.

Your instructor is available for questions via the Q&A forum and the monthly live Kick-Off and Q&A sessions. There is also a student forum should you wish to create a study or tasting group in your area or just to interact with your fellow students. You can be as interactive or as independent as you want to be.

3You are part of a global student community.

Your classmates will hail from every segment of the wine industry from all over the globe and offer very different insights and points of view. The intellectual ferment adds to the depth of your learning.

4Your classroom is mobile.

If you have a computer, phone or tablet, you have a classroom!

Suggested Schedule of Study:

Live Program Kick-Off

Welcome & Introduction to SWS

  • Meet your instructor
  • General orientation (online forums, course navigation, study assists)
  • How to successfully complete the course

Recorded Session 1

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

  • Read “Fundamentals”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “Fundamentals” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 2

Chapter 2: Green Spain

  • Read “Green Spain”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “Green Spain” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 3

Chapter 3: The Duero River Valley

  • Read “The Duero River Valley”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “The Duero River Valley” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 4

Chapter 4: La Rioja/DOCa Rioja

  • Read “La Rioja/DOCa Rioja”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “La Rioja/DOCa Rioja” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 5

Chapter 5: The Ebro River Valley

  • Read “The Ebro River Valley”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “The Ebro River” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 6

Chapter 6: Cataluña

  • Read “Cataluña”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “Cataluña” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 7

Chapter 7: The Central Mediterranean Coast

  • Read “The Central Mediterranean Coast”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “The Central Mediterranean” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 8

Chapter 8: The Meseta

  • Read “The Meseta”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “The Meseta” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 9

Chapter 9: Andalucía

  • Read “Andalucía”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “Andalucía” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 10

Chapter 10: The Islands

  • Read “The Islands”
  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “The Islands” Review Webinar

Recorded Session 11

Final Comprehensive Review

  • Review Study Assists
  • Watch “Final Review” Webinar
  • Take Online Practice Exam

Online Format

Program Kick-Off:

October 19

Price: $875


Study Materials:



The Spanish Wine Scholar® manual is the most comprehensive and current coverage on the wines of Spain and follows a regional approach with strong links to terroir.

Each chapter is designed for maximum content retention and utilizes a systematic approach, allowing the student to compare and contrast each of the wine regions of Spain.

Manuals are current and discuss the most recent trends. They are printed in color and are rich in imagery and iconic wine labels of each region.

Every Spanish wine appellation is discussed and triaged by "need-to-know" icons. Emphasis is given to the flavor and structure profiles of the wines.

A Fundamentals Chapter provides an overview which puts all of Spain and its wines into perspective.

SWS Online Study Program:

The SWS online study program offers interactive e-learning modules that are put into a measurable, meaningful format designed for maximum retention of content and ease of use.

Each region of Spain is covered and dovetails nicely with the Spanish Wine Scholar® study manual. Study materials are available 24/7. If you’ve got a computer or tablet and an internet connection, you’ve got a classroom!

Spanish Wine Scholar® online study modules features: 

  • E-learning modules loaded with videos and learning games to keep you engaged
  • Your place is automatically bookmarked/saved to resume where you left off
  • Quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Hundreds of online flashcards
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • You earn badges to track your accomplishments

Detailed Spanish Wine Maps:

Your study manual will be packed with beautiful wine maps which have been designed for this program by Wine Scholar Guild. Electronic versions of these maps, in addition to blank practice maps, are also available for download on the online course page.

Professional Instructor Support:

  • Online Format: via the Q&A forum plus during live Kick-Off and Q&A sessions with your instructor
  • In Classroom: via a local, certified instructor

Preview of the Program:


The program was created by Spanish wine specialist Rick Fisher, Spanish Programs Director at Wine Scholar Guild.

Foods and Wines from Spain (ICEX - Spain's Trade & Investment Government Agency) has endorsed the program in recognition of its exceptional level of depth, accuracy, detail, and academic rigor.

Endorsed by 


The Spanish Wine Scholar study and certification program confers a post-nominal to wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exam (Ex: John Smith, SWS). With a school network encompassing 30 countries on 5 continents, the SWS credential has true international recognition.

Student Testimonials:

  • Zack Lee
    on Jul 25, 2023
    "The class was taught really well. I particularly liked seeing the video slides, it has really helped me understand so much more about the region in the landscape. I will look forward to taking more in the future!"
  • Shu Tong Tan
    on Jul 20, 2023
    "Detailed programme with logical and clear presentation that allowed confusing information to be absorbed comfortably. Thoroughly enjoyed the various chapters, especially the focus on geographical features, and the comprehensive information in the textbook for study and beyond."
  • Jody Pollara
    on Jun 16, 2023
    "I thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish Wine Scholar program. I completed the course via distance learning. The textbook is thorough and easy to understand. It also functions as a great reference book in regards to Spanish wines. The online resources helped guide my study. I would highly recommend this program. "
    on Jun 8, 2023
    "A fascinating insight into the world of Spanish wines. The course steers you through a very comprehensive study book, tackling each region in a structured way, and there is a wealth of online material to focus your studies and help prepare you for the final examination. All backed up by tastings of delicious Spanish wines in a classroom environment. It was both educational and a lot of fun."
  • David Green
    on May 24, 2023
    "Thank you!"
  • Robert Ringenberg
    on May 17, 2023
    "The SWS manual is very well put together. The combination of history and culture along with the wine and vineyard material helps paint a well balanced picture of each area."
  • Robert Ringenberg
    on May 17, 2023
    "The SWS manual is very well put together. The combination of history and culture along with the wine and vineyard material helps paint a well balanced picture of each area."
  • Tomoko Inaba
    on Apr 25, 2023
    "This program is very helpful not only to learn Spanish wines but also the culture and the history that lays behind. "
  • Lee Hanvey
    on Apr 24, 2023
    "An excellent deep dive into the complexities of Spanish wine & the regional variations that make this country such a fascinating destination for wine professionals & enthusiasts."
  • Jason Lee Sheldon
    on Mar 31, 2023
    "The Wine Scholar Guild's Spanish Wine Scholar Course is an in-depth wine course that captures the excitement and intrigue of all the great Spanish wines. It was thoroughly enjoyable, fantastically engaging and fully rewarding. This course isn't easy, but when have the best things ever been easy? It's a challenge that you should be eager to undertake."
  • Martina Belicova
    on Mar 30, 2023
    "I found the SWS course very interesting with a lot of detaills not only about the wine but the Spanish history and culture. I learned a lot and I apareciate all the work done by SWS team. Thanks a lot!"
  • Martina Belicova
    on Mar 30, 2023
    "I found the SWS course very interesting with a lot of detaills not only about the wine but the Spanish history and culture. I learned a lot and I apareciate all the work done by SWS team. Thanks a lot!"
  • Manuel Gonzales
    on Feb 3, 2023
    "As a long term wine professional, educator, sales person and portfolio manager for a large wholesaler in New England, I love the attention to geologic and human history. The format is user friendly, easy to understand and extremely engaging. "
  • Antonina
    on Jan 21, 2023
    "The course was great, even though very detailed. I felt a bit confused with the historical part, especially as to what was required for the exam. I very much appreciate the contact with Rick who sorted out any of my doubts via the I- net platform. Thank you very much!"
  • Jeff Campbell
    on Jan 13, 2023
    "The Spanish Wine Scholar course was a great in-depth study of Spanish wine as well as Spanish wine history. The written materials are excellent and the on-line resources that are available really helped with the "need-to-know" aspects of the course. This was the first course I've taken with the Wine Scholar Guild and I look forward to signing up for the next one!"

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