Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 online - Independent Study Format

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The package includes:

The Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 Study Manual, access to the Unit 2 Online Study Program, registration for the Online Exam sit for Unit 2.

Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 Study Manual

  • A full-color study manual on the wines of Central and Southern Italy
  • The most current and comprehensive resource on the wines of Central and Southern Italy
  • Manual doubles as a reference book for wine professionals

One-year access to the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 Online Study Program

The Wine Scholar Guild offers an interactive professional development program that is put into a measurable, meaningful format designed for maximum retention of content and ease of use.

Program's features and benefits:

  • Students study all the wine regions of Central and Southern Italy online... at their own pace!
  • Study materials are available 24/7 and registration is for one full year. Access may be extended for another year for a fee should students need or want to do so.
  • Interactive e-learning modules with loads of illustrations, quizzes and learning games
  • Final review quizzes for self-evaluation on each region
  • Instructor Q&A forum for assistance as well as Student Community forums
  • Downloadable maps

Registration for the IWS Unit 2 online exam-sit

  • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
  • To become an Italian Wine Scholar and receive the IWS credential candidates need to pass the exams for Unit 1 and Unit 2 with a composite score of 75%
  • The scores from both exams are added together and averaged for final assessment.
  • Students with a composite score of 85-90.5 pass with HONORS. Candidates scoring 91-100 pass with HIGHEST HONORS.
  • Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.
  • Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready, the candidate may contact two weeks in advance, Andrea McEwan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to schedule the exam.
Customer Reviews
5 1 5 Brianna Burns on Jan 21, 2023
The WSG does a wonderful job of portraying difficult information going down to the nitty gritty in an easy-to-follow way. I've been studying wine for a long time and I always learn something new and that keeps these programs so fun and fresh.
5 1 5 Oleg Dmitriev on Jan 19, 2023
IWS is a truly comprehensive course, that goes much deeper than general wine certifications. IWS is absolutely essential for anyone who deals in Italian wine: merchants, restaurateurs, sommeliers.
5 1 4 Ruth McCamley on Dec 23, 2022
Throughly enjoyed the course, though I think it would take years to truly be an ‘Italian Wine Scholar’!
5 1 4 Ottokar Rosenberger on Dec 15, 2022
Overall, really liked the course, it is a great introduction to italian wines. Feel I know much more know than before.
5 1 4 Doreen McCaw on Dec 13, 2022
I enjoyed the WSG Italian wine scholar distance learning option. It allowed me to study around my current work schedule. The information was clear, easy to understand and the program helped me to develop my unquenchable thirst for wine knowledge.

Thank you!
5 1 4 Liza Nivillac on Dec 1, 2022
I enjoyed the Italian Wine Scholar Program very much. I consider it one of the most detailed and comprehensive programs to learn about Italian wines. I highly recommend it. Saluti!
5 1 4 Alejandro Espinoza on Oct 28, 2022
This programme gave me the tools to finally understand Italian wine with its grapes and different appellations, good job!
5 1 4 Kandace E Faidley on Oct 8, 2022
I love Wine Scholar Guild programs. They are a comprehensive look at the history, people, grapes, terroir, and food that go into the amazing wines of the world.
5 1 5 Jose Renato Camilotti on Sep 29, 2022
The IWS is by far the most comprehensive program about Italian wines. The rich material is designed to be logical, presenting key points of history, geography and climate, linked all those elements to grapes and traditions to each region. A truly delightful journey of culture, knowledge and learning about the fantastic world of wine. I highly recommend the IWS program. Congratulations to the WSG team!
5 1 5 Antonio Giustacchini on Sep 18, 2022
With WSC I discovered and understood dynamics about Italian wine that are hard to find in other programs, depens into the history, geography, traditions of each individual region as a starting point
to describe the grape varieties used and the different denominations of origin.
Not only can you get to know Italian wine in depth, but discover the whole Italy!
5 1 5 Jessica Anne Tan on Sep 1, 2022
I loved the IWS program (U1 and U2) because it gave a good overview and somewhat in depth look into Italy's many DOC and DOCGs and their grapes. It was a good challenge to conquer the history and appellations of the 20 regions. Now, I feel almost complete (I still need to taste all the native grapes ;)) in my Italian wine studies, or have I only started. After completing the IWS and VIA certifications, I can say my journey into Italy has only begun, proper! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Italy without being overwhelmed.
5 1 5 KiJung Kim on Jul 29, 2022
IWS program is absolutely great.
Thanks for your service.
5 1 5 Felipe Sampaio de Oliveira on Jul 3, 2022
IWS is really a comprehensive and in-depth course.
The course helped me a lot to deepen my knowledge about Italian wines.
5 1 4 Thomas Schaal on Jun 30, 2022
This is a terrific course for a systematic comprehensive overview of Italian wines, region-by-region. Overall, a terrific learning experience ... as the course materials are top notch (especially the on-line educational portal).
5 1 5 Wai Chun Tang on Jun 28, 2022
Very comprehensive study materials.
5 1 4 Raymond Carpentier on May 18, 2022
Very comprehensive course on Central and Southern Italy and the material on each region is very well structured
5 1 5 Shawn Collins on May 13, 2022
I’ve done two independent studies online with the wine scholar program. Both have been excellent and have greatly increased my knowledge of each area studied. I highly recommend these programs if you have interest in increasing your wine knowledge.
5 1 5 Thomas Martlew on Apr 16, 2022
With WSG you learn so much more about the history, geography and culture of the wine regions rather than just the wine. It not only had giving me the ability to better understand the wines of Central and Southern Italy, but now the confidence to go explore, purchase the wines to share with friends and family.
5 1 5 Maddalena Carbi on Apr 14, 2022
I couldn't expect more! Great job everyone!
5 1 5 Kyle Armstrong on Apr 7, 2022
Overall an excellent course that has given me a deep understanding of the wines of Central and Southern Italy and terrific preparation for my WSET Level 4 Diploma
5 1 4 Matthew Simon on Apr 5, 2022
Everything is presented a clear, concise format that is easy to follow! The printable maps make it very easy to follow along as you read! I also enjoyed the e learning modules! Now I am travelling Italy and I can choose my wines based on the knowledge I have learned!
5 1 4 Jerry Chen Cheng Yi on Mar 21, 2022
IWS is very professional program focus in Italian wine regions and varieites, it gives people clearer look of how Italian wines that you might knew or you might didn't know at all, an excellent step to wide-open your eyes to Italian wines.
5 1 5 Karin Eriksson on Mar 3, 2022
The oral presentations online were very nice. More of that please
5 1 5 Valerie Drecq-Delaudier on Jan 22, 2022
The study materials is outstanding: complete, detailed, easy to use and the instructor is always available and concise to accompany us.
I really recommand the IWS for its deepth and strong knowledge delivered !
5 1 5 Joseph Kuroda on Dec 12, 2021
The course provided detailed and clear information on all significant appellations and notable grape varieties as well as the wine makers. I learned so much more, truly exceeded prior expectations. Really enjoyed the course.
5 1 5 Allison Armer on Dec 8, 2021
IWS Unit 2 opened up a whole new world of fascinating varietals and appellations that I was previously unfamiliar with. Every chapter was like embarking on a new adventure. Many of these interesting gems have since found there way into my cellar.
5 1 5 Marco D'ignazio on Dec 3, 2021
The Italian Wine Scholar program is a must-do if you're into wines and Italy. As an Italian, I can say that I've learned so many new things about my country!
5 1 4 Pierre Assaf on Nov 29, 2021
Love the online classes. Very straight forward and quizzes help a lot.
5 1 4 Wing Pik Eliza Tam on Nov 19, 2021
Get to know more about different wine regions, not just their wine but also their attractions and history. Fun to learn. Well guided online learning.
5 1 5 Adrian Matei on Nov 16, 2021
WSG it is one of the best tool for studing and learn about wine and not only, history, culture, traditions and many more, I really enjoy all three classroom and looking forward for more. Thank you very much.
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